Welcome United Parade on 28th and 29th Sept.

September 29, 2018 is already the best day of the year. It will be our day. We are many, we are different and we fight every day on our doorstep. In September we all come together. We come to Hamburg, with cars, trains and buses. From villages and towns, from camps and lagers, from welcome initiatives and NGOs, from construction sites, schools and universities. With loudspeakers, performances, lyrics, music and carnival we chase away the cold, the racism, the heartlessness from the streets of the city. Together we draw a picture on the street: the image of our friendship, the image of a solidary, diverse and fearless life. When we move, the world moves!

Information about the bus arrival from Jena
The Refugee Law Clinic Jena e.V. organizes a coach from Jena.

All seats in the bus are already taken. Unfortunately, no more registrations can be accepted. For further questions, please contact us via email at  wcu_jena@riseup.org.

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